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Let's not get complacient and think that the AWB folks are all brainless. They are masters of politics,
True they are not brainless... but when I was 16 my cousin and I pulled scam on them that we still chuckle about.

At that time I did not have much money to donate (at 16 I had zero money) to political causes, and I supported the NRA 100%, but I wanted to do more. There was an outfit called "handgun control incorporated", and we just hated these clowns. We sent away for an information packet just to see what kind of crap they were saying. On seeing the multi-page glossy brochures and heavy-weight paper poster they sent us, my Dad pointed out that they probably spent $5 on that (this was 1983).

That gave us an idea. We wrote back to handgun control incorporated and told them we wanted to put up a lot of posters at our school and hand out flyers... could they please send us some more. A few weeks later we got a box that weighed 40 lb, and we chucked into a dumpster... Hundreds, maybe thousands of pamphlets and posters. We then wrote them and asked for another box of brochures so we could canvass a different school.... Another 40 lb box showed up.... into the dumpster. They caught on after that, and did not send us anything more. I am sure they contacted the school and discovered there were no students handing out their pamphlets. But at the time we sure were satisfied with ourselves.... I didn't have any spare change for the NRA, but by God I could cause the Gun Control morons to waste hundreds of dollars.

Any way, sorry to go off topic.
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