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I'm going through kinda the same thing in Indiana. I filed my renewal via Indiana's new paperless system (thanks Mitch) three weeks before it was due. I was told at my local LE office when I brought the conformation receipt and money orders in, that the new system made everything pretty much instant...since the finger printing is now digital also. and should receive my new license in as little as 5-7 business days. That was over a month ago...coming up on two months It didn't take that long to get my first one 10 years ago, when I filed for it on my 18th birthday through the same police department

Wow you NY guys have to go through a load of crap. Our form (now online) is one page of pretty much just you name, address, ect.... and have you had a firearms license before, if so what the Lic. # was. One set of finger prints...pass them the money and bam, your done.
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