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Where in the heck do you live that a shopping mall is a "gun free zone"?
I have learned through recent events: Clackamas Town Center Mall is one of those places.

It's non of your @#$% business...
I don't think this is an answer that will work for me. I'm looking for ways to diffuse and distract the situation without escalating aggression. I've learned that using profanity to cover my ass only gets me in more trouble.

Something like "all these stores require too many shopping membership cards these days.... gotta have my discount" (with a smile)
IDK, but using profanity is probably going to confirm the suspicion of the good citizen inquiring, that there is a gun. I suspect that at Clackamas Town Center mall there might now be many good citizens with a more open eye. Especially store employees, and maybe others with a CCW.
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