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NYC's pistol permit renewal, getting a little anxious

My Residence Permit expires on 1/20/2013. I got my renewal packet from NYPD 12/10/12 and sent in my renewal on 12/12/12 with delivery confirmation. I got confirmation from USPS that it was delivered on 12/13/12. As of 1/6/13, I still haven't received my new license, and, my credit card still hasn't been charged. I'm getting a little anxious (and annoyed) since my license expires in less than 2 weeks. I plan to give them a call tomorrow and hope that someone will be there to answer the phone.

When I last renewed my license, there were two errors. They had it listed as "no employer" when I've been employed at the same place for 17 years, and they had one of my semi automatic pistols listed as a revolver. When I called their attention to the errors, they said that the employment was irrelevant and as long as they had the correct model, caliber, and serial number of the gun, whether it was a revolver or semi automatic was irrelevant as well. That made sense to me.

With the current application, I once again corrected the errors. Perhaps I shouldn't have? In any case, I'll call the renewal dept. tomorrow and see what they say and I'll post an update here.

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