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If some strange person asked what I have in my pockets, I'd tell them the truth...It's non of your @#$% business...

Where in the heck do you live that a shopping mall is a "gun free zone"?

I had a.....lets call it a discussion...with a former boss who was petrified of guns, after I came to pick up my check on a day off. I was carrying my Kimber Custom II under a jacket, but once i was in the front office with my buddy who was the MOD for the day, (He was getting my check) I removed it exposing my weapon. My buddy also CCs so no big issue. The aforementioned jerk-wad came in and saw it, he told me that as an employee I was not allowed to have a gun on the store premises at any time.

Well after the nasty "discussion", some questioning of a state trooper buddy and him looking into Indiana law for me...we discovered that for a corporation (the specific one here was PetsMart) to restrict CC rights in their store...The store(s) must be solely owned by the company....including the property the building sits on. No leasing of either the lot nor building. Also EVERY store in the chain, in the state must prominently display an officially marked sign that clearly state no firearms permitted. Since PetsMart leases the parking lots and quickly became a non-issue.

Long story short, I dropped the small BOOK of papers and legal documents I had compiled on his desk, and I worked there for two more years without a word said.

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