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Lost Sheep, thank you.
Lots of good insight and reply, that's what I'm after. You are correct, (pattern #1) is rarely asked, but yes I try to consider interpersonal tactics into my plan.

I'm also pretty anal about my tactics, and so I'm aware that maybe just one time I could let my guard down and print too much when bent over or something.... I'm only human and make mistakes.

All: as far as carrying where businesses post you cannot, its good to learn here that others do the same as I, but do so only if that is legal in your state/area. Consider that you must leave immediately if asked and without confrontation or dispute. But this should not be an issue if you keep your weapon concealed. Concealed is concealed, and in this arena it might be important to consider some of these interpersonal tactics.... see quote:
Someone with enough concern (and suspicion) might, if unsatisfied with a pleasant smile and a polite non-answer might lead to a conversation with the police investigating a suspected "man with a gun" call.

Well-meaning concerned citizens are ever more likely to make that call now more than ever.
excellent post Lost Sheep, excellent.

(Another opinion of mine, after discovering a business is posted a gun free zone... even if its not a criminal offense in your area I take my business elsewhere. But that's another thread.... )
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