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I was more referring to the limited selection for the year and the selection.

So see on in the caliber you like and get it. Might not be available for awhile.
That's pretty much how some of those were being run in the past, though.

Perfect example:
7x57mm "International"

Ruger would offer it for a year, or so, then drop it for 2, 3, or 5 years. Then, it would come back in .243 Win for 8 months to a year, and get dropped again.
Then, it would show up in another chambering for a while, and get dropped again.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

From my perspective, they just made it an "official" practice. (And are probably hoping a little more "collect them all!" hype will drive sales, or at least get each production run to sell faster.)
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