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Two posts while I was composing my last one. I got to type faster (or shorter)

Originally Posted by Koda94
about whats in my pocket. My pocket carry prints very lightly like a wallet, but I prefer to carry my real wallet in a front pocket for security. (I do this whether or not I'm carrying I do not carry my wallet in my back pocket). anyways, I have often wondered if someone would ever notice "two wallets" and ask.... I'm not worried about this amongst friends, but with co-workers who you spend as much time with and do get to know you well enough might ask. I will admit, this probably falls into the case of "I'm worrying too much" but its just a question and a possibility. A good reply would be clever.
I always carry two wallets. One for money and one for irreplaceable stuff. I picked up the habit in Asia where American G.I.s off duty were targets for mugging. Give up the money easily. An American Military ID and other documents were FAR more sensitive.

So, the reply "I carry two wallets, the one with money is throwaway as, if robbed, I can replace it more easily than my ID, credit cards and photographs."

If asked about the third wallet, you can go snide, "You don't want to know". Or ironic, "That's so I can keep my throwaway." (Which works even if it ain't true.) Or bare-faced truth or bare-faced lie, with or without sarcasm "That's my colostomy bag, want to help me empty it?"

I really wish I had that link I mentioned in my earlier post. It was a good thread.

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