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I went to a gun show Saturday with a couple of AR carbines to sell. Ended up making a decent trade on one but should have cut my price and sold the other rather than holding ground and bringing it home. The folks who really wanted to buy an AR didn't have the cash and the guys with "logo ego" were trying to buy a high dollar AR for cheap.
I won't starve or go bankrupt holding onto these rifles and they'll always be worth more than I've got invested.
I was in a Sportsmans' Warehouse today while they sold the last AR in stock with 10 or so buyers left standing. Again, no one had cash-only credit cards.
We hit the 3 big name sporting goods stores in a large midwest city and there were no AR's left on any shelves. Ammo was hit and miss but very little 223 anywhere.
At this point, you either have a magazine fed semi auto rifle or you'll pay what the seller asks or do w/o.
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