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I dont think that they will phase out the Marlin X7 on account of Remington offering a rebadged version. The X7's are already not sold in big-box retailers like Wal-Mart, Cabelas, Bass Pro, ect. The Remington will assuredly be sold at those stores. The Marlin X7 DID NOT suffer much from the transition like the Marlin Lever guns. Funny enough, the extractor problems that a rare few of the X7s experienced were all with pre-Kentucky X7 rifles, that I know of. ALL of the STAINLESS X7 rifles were made in the Kentucky plant. I have one and it is great. If the two lines co-exist it would be stupid for Remington to offer Stainless 783s and not stainless X7 rifles with the Marlin badge. They will probably not be sitting on the same shelves.
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