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Koda94, I think I see the pattern. I also think I see your question.

The pattern #1 is that the question is rarely, if ever, asked.

Pattern #2 is that answers are usually not given, or a deflecting answer is proferred. My favorite is "That's the extra helping of pizza last night." These can be snide, challenging, humorous...take your pick... or truthful, "I carry a gun."

What I see is your question is that you want to know what others would do if asked (particularly by someone who would make a fuss or whose relationship with you would be affected).

I recall a thread a couple of years ago that went pretty deep into the answers carriers would give. I wish I had the link to post here.

I recall that there was much discussion about how the circumstances surrounding the question/questioner would affect the answer. If asked by someone exhibiting an anti-gun manner the answer would be radically different from the answer given to someone exhibiting a more open attitude. Whether there was time to engage in a long discussion over the merits of carrying or if one were in a hurry would govern the answer chosen (a waiting room vs a checkout line for example).

Yours is a good question. Some people put more thought into their holster choices than what they would do if "outed" for carrying. But really, both are appropriate for consideration. And, ironically, the less thought about holsters, the more thought about what to do if outed is warranted.

Having a ready response for various situations is good interpersonal tactics. Good for you for thinking about it. Getting surprised with the question is not as bad as getting surprised with a violent street mugging, but both should be considered (in my opinion).

When I carry, I take every precaution to prevent the question from being asked almost as assiduously as I take precautions to prevent having to use my gun.

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