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I had my tongue planted so firmly into my cheek that I poked a hole in it!

I just couldn't resist when I saw that story ... I mean. it was just TOO PERFECT. And the beauty is that THEY don't see it.

I know that HQAPs don't fire bullets that kill people ... but think of the damage to the economy ... made up of over-worked. under-paid peasants (or is it pheasants, I get them mixed up all the time). What about the guy, having lost a bunch of money due to counterfitters, takes his life ... or that of his wife ... a friend ... a child ... his pet dog. What about your local bank ... thousands and thousands in funny money losses.

But you're right ... except you could make a color copy of a gun and bullets.
Just sayin'!

Kimio ... just did think of this however. The use of a firearm does not always cause harm to any living thing. The printing and passing counterfit money always does. Just sayin'!

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