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to participate in my own OP

the only time I ever had an incident CCW was when I was new to CCW and strapped a 92FS to my belt and put a long shirt over it and went shopping. When I went into a store I wasn't aware of my new dimensions opening the door to the store the door frame hit the top of my pistol through my clothes with a loud metallic sound. I responded perfectly with no change in motion, but the random person entering the store with me asked me if I was OK and that 'didn't sound right'..... Based on that noise it made to an un-suspecting person it would be reasonable to assume I was in pain. My reply: I told him that I might be smiling on the outside but I'm really holding back on the inside, but that I was ok.

...about whats in my pocket. My pocket carry prints very lightly like a wallet, but I prefer to carry my real wallet in a front pocket for security. (I do this whether or not I'm carrying I do not carry my wallet in my back pocket). anyways, I have often wondered if someone would ever notice "two wallets" and ask.... I'm not worried about this amongst friends, but with co-workers who you spend as much time with and do get to know you well enough might ask. I will admit, this probably falls into the case of "I'm worrying too much" but its just a question and a possibility. A good reply would be clever.
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