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Im going to refinish a stock, heres my gameplan

This will be my first time doing a start to finish refinish on a rifle stock. So I want to share my gameplan and see if you think Im missing something

First off the gun is a Browning A Bolt with a few discolorations and scratches,

I plan to first use acetone to remove the old finish, using a toothbrush in the checkered areas lightly, then I plan to start with a 320 gr just to remove any scratches and smooth it up, then go to 400 and to 600. From the 600 I will probably apply some water and do a light wet sand. I plan to let it dry good, then steel wool the stock and clean any dust off the surface, from there I plan to use either Birchwood Casey Tru Oil or Minwex Antique Oil. Ill add 1 coat at a time and start by wet sanding between coats for the first 3 or so, then add 3 more with a steel wool in between each and see where Im at and if the grain is still showing through, if more coats are needed I will apply to cover the grain, once completed I will likely buff it with some wax and call it good

Does this sound like a good idea or should I add something else in
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