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Originally Posted by Skadoosh
Koda, are you seein' a pattern here?
yes, that the replies are not seeing my question. I didn't ask if they have ever been asked anything, but what would be their reply IF they were asked (paraphrased for clarity).

Originally Posted by Koda94
What are some good comebacks to keeping your cover from being blown when your technique breaks down?
folks think out of the box here... what are the scenarios that would cause someone to suspect your packing heat, and what would the questions be?

I have had a CHL for well over 15 years without incident. Sometimes, as part of my responsibility for carrying a concealed firearm I ask myself questions and look for loopholes in my tactics. And the questions I asked in my OP are some of those. Some people are clever, and might ask questions others may not... like why do you have 2 wallets in each pocket.
I thought I would ask them here because forums are a good place to get opinions from the community at large, I see a value in that vs a closed circle of friends. That's, in part why I joined.

I will admit, I might not be the best at stating my point. I'm human, but I try. Maybe I also just worry too much. If there is no point in this thread it will fade away and I will move on. I'm ok with that, my feelings wont be hurt.

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