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I personally would never buy a remington. They have good asethic qualities, but they commonly lack in accuracy (from my expirience).

There are a number of other options that i would strongly encourage.
It really depends on what you price range is and what you're using it for...

I have a marlin xs7 bbl 22-250 that i got for around $300, its first group was
.72 inches at 200 yards.

My savage edge (25-06) with its first handload shot 1/2 at 100.

For more money...

I had a Vanguard S2 that would shoot sub MOA at 100 on every 3rd grouping (shots 7-9).

If i wanted to spend more dough I'd prefer a savage of some sort- the weatherwarrior or a 110. They are known to shoot sub MOA almost without fail.

My friend's $800 remington wont shoot under 2 inches at 100. He had bought it after having similair groups punched with his Tikka. Now he's spent 100's of dollars without getting anywhere.

Your mosin is astoundingly accurate. To buy a remington would be a real slap in the face.

The cheap guns are proven to be just as accurate (customs aside). With the extra dough they can be customized
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