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How many times have I seen this "high-capacity" nonsense. Now, they've got y'all saying it.

Probably the very first magazine I was issued in the Army held 30 rounds. Yeah, occasionally I'd stumble onto a 20 round mag, but the vast, overwhelming majority were 30 round magazines. I actually like a 20 round mag better than the 30 round, but that isn't the point.

The 30 round magazine for the AR rifle is not "high capacity". It is a standard magazine.
Hence the reason that I always put quotation marks around the words "high capacity" to differentiate the words of someone else from my own. That being said, I think the semantics fight is probably one we've already lost. When talking to someone not well versed in firearms terminology, going off on a tangent about "high capacity" vs. "standard capacity" is likely to lose their attention. Rather than debate semantics, I think it's more important to explain to the fence-sitters that magazines holding more than 10 rounds, regardless of what one calls them, do have a place in the hands of law-abiding citizens.
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