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What's ironic is that Atlanta has a law called FACE5 ("Firearms in Atlanta Can Equal 5 years") that attaches a mandatory 5 additional years to the sentence if a crime involves a firearm.

How often is it enforced? I have a friend in the Fulton County DA's office who cannot remember it ever being mentioned in a prosecution, much less levied. If it's not enforced, it has no teeth. If it has no teeth, the deterrent value is nil.

FACE5 was inspired by Project Exile, which is similar in intent (and was supported by both the Brady Campaign and NRA), but which is also rarely invoked.

Consider also the fact that straw purchases are also supposed to carry a 10-year sentence, but that I've never heard of that being imposed. In fact, many folks get off with probation.

We've got good laws to punish people like this, but we're not enforcing them.
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