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koda i believe ive seen in other posts that you said you live in oregon. if that's the case there is NO current law that says you have to let an officer know your carrying if you get pulled over . although it may look to be a goodwill gesture to the officer if you do.
I have and will always consider the goodwill of the officer. But the one time I decided to exercise my privacy when I was giving a co-worker a ride to work was the one time I was asked.

FWIW, except with the co-worker incident I have always had a positive experience with LE.

([for 'lost sheep'] In the "co-worker" incident, the officer was very skittish with me, his only reason for pulling me over was my vehicle 'matched a description', but after he ran my DL he must not have liked that I had a CHL... he barely came to the window. Its been my observation that LE in Oregon is very pro gun, this guy however didn't give me that feeling though. )

Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca
I understood that your question dealt with being pulled over when you have a passenger ... one who doesn't know you carry and whom you might not wish to inform that you carry.

You write that you "understand its (sic) the better thing to do," but my response to that statement is, "Says who?" WHY is it better? Especially, why would it be better if it would be "socially" inconvenient for your passenger/client to find out that you're packin' heat?
my apologies, yes you did understand my question correctly. As far as why its better is because it makes the officer more comfortable knowing your following the law, they cant assume that just because you have a CHL you have good intentions.
In the end I don't care about what my passenger thinks about me owning and carrying a gun... I'm only trying to be considerate to their feelings, but in the end I don't care. They chose to ride with me. It might be inconvenient socially, especially if its a co-worker or client, but oh well maybe they are pro gun anyways.
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