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Winchester 190 Feeding and Re-chambewring Issues

Greetings all,

I have a new (to me) 190 and I am having some issues with it. It has been in a closet for years, so I began with taking out the trigger and bolt and giving them and the bore a good once over. I tried it out only to find out that it isn't working so well.

I am not an expert, or even a real enthusiast. I am mechanically inclined and understand the basics of how a gun works. I am confident that I can fix most issues that don't require machining or other fancy-dancy equipment.

I have noticed a few peculiar things, though. When the bolt comes forward to load the next round, the front of the round pushes downward into the feed guide. It causes an angle of about 45 degrees downward and it jams. I tried to tighten the feed guide with the trigger housing out of the rifle... not good. The rim caught and it was worse. I loosened it up some more and it has had some success with LR, but not with the Shorts. When I first rack the bolt, it jammed, then if I fire a round, the next one finally chambers. I haven't been able to practice with multiple rounds yet, though.

The other issue that I've noticed is that the bolt seems to get stuck and I think that I've found the culprit. In order to lock the breech open, the cocking handle pushes into a gap on the opposite side of the frame. I suppose that this was intentional.

The cocking handle is just barely longer than the width of the bolt when it is pushed in all the way. If it is, in fact, intended to be a catch, then it has worn down. If it is not intended to be a catch, then it is too long.

In any case, it is sticking in this point fairly frequently when pulling the handle back to load the first round. Initially, it did this with the shorts, too.

I'm thinking of taking the cocking handle and grinding it down a bit to eliminate the catching point. I'm not too concerned about locking it open. I realize that it may cause some headaches, but the bigger headache is not being able to use the gun.

If anybody has any suggestions or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for all the links. I put them in as img, but they didn't show on the preview so i changed them to links.

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