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Newbie Stuck Case Help

I recently purchased a taurus 444 ultralite (44 magnum) and have been having trouble with stuck cases. I have reloaded 240gr and 300gr bullets in old brass, and both have begun sticking below the book's max load. The same old brass has been loaded before with insanely high pressures and shot out of an old S&W just fine.

I have shot some hornady 240gr factory ammo and its recoil was immensley stronger-yet that ammo didnt stick in my cylinders, it did, however, stick in my sizing die.

From what i have read, i might need to either polish my cylinders (they still show machining), accept my gun only likes soft loads (which is not acceptable for a backpacking gun), or buy a S&W (not gonna spend 1k).

*Could my brass have finally kicked the bucket?-- Is the hornady brass stiffer, aka can it handle higher loads?

Im a newbie when it comes to revolvers, and any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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