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"freaked out" Sorry, just plain tough!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the steel frames I made for some gongs and planted them at a friends house.

Bill shoots from just out side his basement door, and the one gongs was about 50' or so down range and the other at a 100yds.

Guess the wife was worried about people coming to the house and seeing the gong hanging there.

Just flat tough!

My house, if I have a gong out behind, and wish I did, and you don't like it, tough. Same goes for the reloading room, which the wife calls the hobby room. It is the common area in which we spend much of our time - easy chairs/recliner/sterio/TV/ sewing/reloading, etc. Anyone who comes and is offended, is very welcome to leave!

But then, I'm just an Ol'Coot!

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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