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Mine was a canoeing accident. I had loaded my semi-autos in the canoe to go across to a deserted island so that I could enjoy them without evil gun-banners peering over my shoulder, salivating at the toys they'd soon ban.

Alas, canoes are tippy boats and when hit by a rogue wave, the canoe turned turtle, dumping my small but high-capacity collection overboard into shark-filled waters. I managed to escape with only my Zippo lighter and a half-box of Cuban cigars that I held over my head as I side-stroked to shore. When approached by a local life-guard, who loomed over me in her bikini, I learned that Cuban cigars are also banned, and we decided to burn the evidence onshore while watching the sun set over the placid, yet shark-filled waters. My erstwhile savior admitted as the sun set that she always had an affinity for Cuban cigars and semi-automatic firearms. She produced a bottle of Cognac from her rescue bag and we sipped from the bottle as we lamented the loss of the firearms.

I'll draw the curtain on this little tragedy before I regale you with the story of her removing her bikini top. This is a family-friendly forum. Almost.
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