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Well, one thing for sure is change. Unexpected events have just shot my budget for the moment. It looks like I'll be putting something like one of the Mueller scopes on the rifle for the time being. I don't think I'll move over my 3-9x50 Prostaff, as it's nicely mounted, all set on my BBR, and just fine for deer. So picking up an inexpensive yet decent interim scope seems the way to go until I can afford a Vortex. I have a struggling Bushnell on an old Remington Woodsmaster 742 in .243, so a Mueller has somewhere to go later. Yet I'm left with a few questions, if you fellows don't mind helping me out yet again.

1) Regarding the Mueller scopes, I'm pondering which to get. With the .204, I'm probably maxed out at 400 yards (give or take a bit) for hunting. Do I need &/or would I find value in a 8.5-25 scope or would a 4-16 serve me equally as well? Likewise, do I need a 50mm objective? And finally, which reticle? From what I can see, Mueller has three scopes I should consider:
  • 8.5-25x50 Eliminator: Microdot (not Mil Dot) Reticle, Illuminated, $220
  • 8.5-25x44: AO Tactical: Mil Dot Reticle, $165
  • 4.5-16x50: AO Tactical: Mil Dot Reticle, Illuminated, $210
I still have the budget for any of these. I'm leaning towards the 8.5-25x44 just because it has the Mil Dot and I don't see any reason to need a 50mm objective or illuminated reticle. As long as the optics have decent clarity then it seems the 44mm objective should gather plenty of light up until the close of the legal hunting hours. Am I wrong? I could see me night hunting hogs at night with it (on the .243), so maybe the illuminated reticle would be a useful feature; I just don't know. If illumination is something to consider then would the 4.5-16 Mil Dot or 8.5-25 microdot be better? I lean towards the lesser power with the Mil Dot, but with as flat as the .204 shoots is there any need for it - that is, would I be better with a microdot reticle and the higher magnification. You can see my delimma with juggling the variables of magnification, illumination, reticle style, and objective size. What do you fellows think?

2) Does anyone have a part number for a decent Weaver mount/adapter (with cutout) that will fit the 527 Varmint? I'm not finding anything (with consistently postive reviews) that I'm sure will work.

Thanks again for your time and input,
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