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Order a Howa (pretty much same as weatherby vanguard) barreled action for less than $400 and put it in the stock of your choice. Best bang for the buck I know of and you can actually get a decent stock that way instead of the crap they put on most entry level bolt actions. I get 3/4" groups out of my Howa .25-06 in a Hogue full-length bedding block stock and Im not the best shooter. My total investment with that gun minus the scope is about $550 and the Howa has one of the most reliable actions you can buy in any price range. If you want a complete gun with stock and all, the Stevens 200 from Savage is nothing less than a pre- accutrigger/accustock savage 110, a very proven and upgradeable platform. The Thompson Center Venture is also hard to beat. Ruger American is also a good rifle. Marlin x7 aint bad. Remington has a new model 783 that looks pretty much like a revamped Marlin x7. Should be a decent rifle. View the available calibers in each brand and let that help you decide. Whatever you do, stay away from the Savage Axis/Edge and the Remington 770. They are both cheap junk and what I would consider disposable firearms. And dont buy ANY GUN from walmart. Your getting factory seconds and guns with second rate materials and craftsmanship just so the company that built it can meet the price point walmart wants. A Walmart gun is not the same gun you can get from a legit dealer or gun shop.

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