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Nickel Plated wrote:
…..FOID law. It's an unconstitutional law that shouldn't exist in the first place…..
Curious here, how is it that the FOID is unconstitutional? If it was, the SAF, GOA, or NRA would surely have had it corrected by now, it’s been a law for something like 45 years, plenty of time to correct.

As I understand it, the purpose of the FOID is to assure that the firearm owner is not a felon, and has not been convicted of domestic battery, even misdemeanor domestic battery. Personally, I have no problem with felons or wife beaters being denied firearm ownership.

Possession of a FOID also helps ammo sellers. They know, or at least can be reasonably assured, that the buyer is not a felon or a wife beater.

I’m a fence sitter on the FOID. It has it’s bad points, it has it’s good points. But it in no way affects my ability to own or use any firearm I have in my collection, or even any firearm I’d want in my collection.

So seriously, please explain why it’s unconstitutional. Thanks.
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