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By the way, for those of you in the "it can't happen here camp" go back and do some research on why and how Utah was founded.
The history of the Mormon church (whether you like them or not) is a pattern for how it is possible to persecute a minority in a clearly unconstitutional way.
Politicians looked the other way rather than defend their rights at every opportunity because it was the way to get re-elected.
The press was against them so no one heard their side of the story. Starting to sound familiar?
Polygamy was a big issue for the church. Ever stop and think for a second how it was that there were few enough men that some men had wives in the double digits? Where did all the other men and boys go? The mobs and hardship had killed them by the hundreds.
The Mormons were disarmed, (that always happened first) attacked by mobs, then driven westward from several states, normally right after they had turned wilderness into productive farmland.
The Missouri governor had issued what is referred to as "The Extermination order" ordering them "exterminated or driven from the state if necessary for the public peace" An Executive order,Hmm, now where does that ring a bell from? Keep in mind it wasn't repealed until the 1970's.

The Mormon settlers learned so well from this that they did the same to a group of settlers from Missouri, It was called the mountain meadows massacre and sure enough they disamed them before despicably slaughtering them. Gosh, there really seems to be a pattern emerging here, doesn't there?
This isn't Russia, China, Turkey or any other exotic land. This is here folks and It's real.
Not ancient history either, look up the dates.
Did the fact that it was unconstitutional bring a single man, woman, or child back from the dead?
Would a determination, years later, from the SCOTUS that their treatment was not within the rule of law have put a single drop of blood back inside the children that the mobs killed while saying" kill 'em, nits grow up to be lice".

The next time someone ignorant talks about how much deadlier arms are now, take some time to read up on "the hauns mill massacre" and throw it in their face with extreme contempt.
Folks we are going to have to win this battle now before we become the persecuted minority that everyone just wants to go away because they know we are being treated unfairly.
By the way, yes I know Mormon history was more complex than this, and that there are two sides to every story. These stories were picked to be illustrative of a point.
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