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When I bought my pistol, I had to fill out paperwork with very specific info about myself and the pistol, and then had to wait 7 days before it was mine. I don't see why everybody shouldn't go through the same regardless of where they buy one (ccw permit holders notwithstanding). It's easy to just save that background check and firearm data instead of discarding it within 24 hours.
Just because YOUR state has such assinine rules, why should everyone be stuck with it?

When I buy a gun at the local FFL, I inspect the gun, hand him my driver's license, fill out the 4473 and he has the approval almost immediately and walk out with the firearm. Why should we endure more than that????

The NICS check should not be saved because it is against federal law to do so.
"The more law-abiding people that have guns, the better off we are," Hamilton County [Cincinnati] Prosecutor Joe Deters said. "Because the bad guys always have guns, You look at these school shootings or church shootings, the ones that have been stopped, it was because someone there had a gun."
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