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That's about it. I swab it, I want to make sure there is no oil or grease in the barrel, then I sight it in.

If you're shooting competition, I'd recommend shooting a practice course, I didn't when I first got my Service Rifle White Oak upper. I loaded my long range ammo per the book instead of per the gun. Went to a match where we started shooting at the 1000 yard.

The Sierra Manual said to load 80 SMKs with an overall length of 2.550. Ok I did that, then went to the 1000 yard line and started shooting. About the fourth round I got a wind change after chambering the round. I decided to wait it out so I ejected the case, and left the bullet in the chamber.

Being use to a M1A I never took a cleaning rod to the line and no one else had one. I had to wait for a pit change to get to my truck and find a cleaning rod so I could finish the match. I got off two sighter's and one shot for record and 19 saved rounds or misses.

Check you ammo, sight in your gun, and your rifle is broke in, plus you'll know if your ammo fits.
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