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Even it's an "import" (re-import) GI, $400 is worth it. The "import" (arsenal) mark can usually be seen on left or under side of barrel. Although they used to be derided for their largely unknown use/misuse/storage history--for good reason sometimes as many were in rough shape-- sometimes these GI "imports" can be nice finds, especially nowadays. I picked up a pretty nice '43 Inland a few years ago I swore was not an import 'til a smith going through it for me pointed out the marks in very tiny--much smaller than usual--font on the underside I'd mistaken for scrape marks. Like most, it'd been through the complete post war refit--with rotary safety switch, upgraded sight, bayo lug and (probably refit) late war '44-45 round bolt. It'd also been fit with a perfectly fine but obviously war issue (walnut) Underwood stock. Nice gun. I'd change that handguard out right away for a proper GI walnut item.
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