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Thanks for asking our advice.

Only one thing to add to the excellent (and 100% correct) answers already given.

If you load in batches, as on a single stage press or a turret staying stationary:

(I will assume a batch of 50) Put each primed, empty case in a loading block, primer side up. When the loading block is full, inspect all the primers for seating depth.

Take one case out, charge it with powder and put it back in the block (or a second block) primer side down. Repeat 50 times with each case in turn. When the loading block is full, shine a light into all the cases and see that 1) all cases have a powder charge and 2) the powder charge is all the same depth.

Take one case out, seat a bullet and place the assembled unit in a loading block. Repeat 50 times with each case in turn.

Some people prefer to load in batches even though it is slower than continuous loading just for the added safety of the whole-batch powder charge verification step.

If you load in a continuous process (as a progressive press or turret, rotating the head as you load each cartridge such that each cartridge is loaded start-to-finish before the next cartridge is started)

You have to be cautious, attentive and aware of the dangers. Powder-check dies are popular to add some safety. A light (goose-neck LED taped to the press for example) shining into the case so you can see (sometimes people will position a mirror) are helpful if it is difficult to see the powder in the case. Other people simply pull each case out of the press, look at the powder and put the case back in before continuing.

Good luck. And congratulations on paying attention to what your carbine told you while you were shooting.

Lost Sheep

p.s. Nice thing about dippers. You cannot unknowingly run them out of powder like you can a powder measure and bridging is nearly impossible.
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