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Sen Leiberman made a point that the NRA focused on guns rather than the violent acts of the person who caused them.
In my view, the NRA should encourage changes in the mental health & procurement(buying/obtaining) weapons by unstable people.
The NRA had to focus on the guns because the media immediately focused on the guns used. Within hours we heard about the SIG and Glock handguns used. The call by politicians and the gun-grabbers for a renewed AWB was instantaneous. While the NRA could "encourage changes in the mental health & procurement(buying/obtaining) weapons by unstable people", the truth is they are neither responsible for, nor experts in the field of mental health.

Regarding the Washington Post article, and today's US media in general, I'm troubled by the consistent and relentless demonizing of the NRA. The purpose of course is the weakening and eventual destruction of the organization. The gun-grabbers want to paint the NRA as a faceless entity, made up entirely of greedy war machine manufacturers, and members of the klan. They never mention that the NRA is made up of millions of individual law-abiding gun owners of all types.

After reading the article, and reading the media tea leaves, so to speak, it's become clear to me that the way we'll lose our rights is by being divided. The Big Box gun sellers (Dick's, Gander Mountain, BPS, Walmart) already do background checks on every buyer, and will get more sales if private sales are banned. Hunters don't care about 30 round magazines. The gun show sellers will cave to background checks to stay in business. The mental health professionals blame the access to guns. Religious leaders blame the guns and poverty. Hollywood and the Video Game industry say it's freedom of speech and fantasy. Teachers and mothers don't want guns anywhere near a school.

I realize I'm generalizing a lot in the above statement. But that's how the Govenment will play this to gain support for new legislation. After all, "Gun Control Support Soars In New Polls"
Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."
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