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The .35 Remington was the first centerfire cartridge rifle I ever owned. The rifle was a Marlin 336 that I bought NIB in 1975 and I paid the princely sum of $87.00 for that rifle.

The .35 Remington is one of the older centerfire cartridges, originally produced by Remington in 1906 for use in the Model 8 semiauto rifle. One was used, most famously, in Frank Hamer's ambush of Bonnie and Clyde. The cartridge itself is a medium powered cartridge, long touted as a "brush cartridge" (whatever that is). It launches a 200 grain bullet at just over 2000 fps and is generally useful out to about 175 yards.

The three deer I've killed with the cartridge laid down right there and expired. No tracking, DRT. I really like the 200 grain Remington Core-lokt bullet in that cartridge. I push mine with a charge of IMR4895 and I'm able to keep five shot groups under 2" at 100 yards. My rifle wears an ancient 2.5x scope, and I believe that is the perfect scope for the rifle and cartridge.

I'm a fan of the cartridge, and if I ever see a Rem760 in .35 Remington, it's mine. Would you like to turn a little profit on your purchase.
Dennis Dezendorf
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