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Taurus 1911 9mm slide stop issue

A new pistol (first i've handled in 9mm) will not hold the slide open with empty mag. Follower goes past slide stop pin without lifting it. I tried other mags but they were from 45. Can't see difference in calibers in that regard, but same problem with all mags. They don't catch on the pin.
I also swapped out the slide stop pin with one from one of my 45s. Again, I don't see much difference but there are the facts. The "good" slide stop pin did not catch the follwer either.
One last clue, is that it's not necessary to move the slide to the escape notch for the slide pin, and it comes out easily under the slide.
Oh yea, the slide to frame fit is very loose, and I wonder if it can be so loose that the stop isn't held high enough. Again, this is a new pistol.
Any idiosynceacies of either the caliber or of the brand?
Those are my issues and thoughts and I'll be grateful for the wisdom and ideas of you experienced 1911 guys.
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