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I agree 100% about the rugers and the s&w wheel guns. They are great and they are worth the money. But I already have a really nice .22 pistol. Not a revolver but a colt woodsman thats been handed down through a couple generations and has a book value of about $1500 in its condition, but the price is irrelevant because Ill never sell it. Its priceless to me. For that reason it is mostly a safe queen. Im looking for a beater gun thats cheap enough that it can get dropped and beat and banged around through the woods with and I dont have to feel bad about it. But something that will still shoot decently accurate and be reliable and trouble free. I think from what Ive read and heard, the RR will fit that bill fairly well. Also I should mention, before I go to order a new gun, I will definitely make a sweep of the local gun stores and pawn shops just to make sure there arent any beat up rugers, s&w's or the like at a crazy good deal.

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