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Can't Hit The Broad Side of A Barn

It's not THAT bad, but...

I recently got a Savage 93R17 CAMO. Using Hornaday 17Gr ammo I took it out to my property in the country, set up some targets, and got busy setting up the scope (BSA 4-9x50, what came on the rifle). By the end of the day I was putting 5 rounds inside a 1.5in circle and drilling holes in quarters (@ 100yds).

It all went downhill from there.

Trying to get a feel for wind drift on a windy day was hopeless. They were all over the place. Then I had a calm day and they were STILL all over the place but somewhat better. Nothing like my first day. Junky scope I thought, so I got a BSA Sweet17 (6-18x40). Tried setting it up yesterday, and winds were dead calm. Best I could get was a 4in group of 5 at 100yds. AO set to 100yds, good focus, turret at 100 (after calibrating the turret, more or less), and windage at 0 (after calibrating that too, more or less). For example, I would get maybe 3 rounds in a fairly tight group 2in to the right, then click in 3 clicks to the left and get the next 3 rounds 2in to the left... go back to where I was before and still get 3 more rounds to the left. It was like that all day yesterday. I kept fiddling with it until I was all over the bulls eye but still not better than a 4in group. So I moved out to 200yds, dialed in 200yds on the turret and AO and do 5 rounds. Didn't hit the target AT ALL (I think the target is about 10in square.)

I have the rifle set up on sand bags so I'm pretty sure it's stable when I fire. But what could be causing me to have lost that Annie Oakley feeling? I was happy with myself on day one but now I'm shooting like I'm half blind with a nervous twitch. Suggestions welcome.
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