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I did not want to start a new thread because I think this applies here. An anti gun advocate was challenging several pro gun people to cite a specific instance where a person using a semi auto rifle like an AR to defend themselves against a mob. Living in Louisiana I cited business owners and homeowners after Katrina. Their response is that you cannot find a citation of a AR being used. Now I was in New Orleans, actually helped remove items from a French quarter shop for a friend of mine. I saw people armed with all number of firearms including ARs but if course no media did any stories on this because they were not there in the beginning. I cannot cite any of them actually shooting on the mob. Also, not like anyone in the media would do a positive story about a civ defending themselves with an AR but in most cases BGs disperse when they see the first sign of firepower. Any thoughts on this argument. I think it is mostly along the lines of prove to me you have stopped beating your wife, but interested in some of your thoughts.
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