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How likely is another AWB and high cap ban?

So these proposed bills have once again been introduced into Congress and Biden is leading a charge for other controls which will likely include bans on Internet sales of ammo and component supplies like primers, powders, etc.

What is your take on whether any of this will be passed by both houses of Congress? Apparently, more than 50 senators have a high rating from the NRA. The House has a substantial republican majority and republicans tend to favor gun rights.

Is this just a bunch of hype from the gun-grabbers like hillary clinton, joe biden, carol mccarthy, chuck schumer, diane fienstein, and others?

Frankly, I am worried about the liberal House speaker who, during the fiscal cliff negotiations on January 1, ignored the requirement to obtain a majority of the majority (>50% of republicans) before a bill would be brought to the floor for a vote.

That scares me.
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