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Violence against small children.....

To be honest, I think the major push & galvanizing event that caused all the uproar was the vicious murder of the 20 6/7 year olds.
The media images of young children being scared & the parents freaking out struck a nerve in the people who, until then, had no real concerns or feelings about gun control or bans.
If you saw the 2012 POTUS election debates, President Obama said; "we need to talk about guns." He did not say; I want to ban guns or make new gun control laws because he knew that would be a uphill battle.
Now, in 2013, emotions are high & many citizens demand changes.
The US gun owners or 2A supporters shouldn't be aggressive or be confrontational with gun control advocates but they should push for improvements in the mental health issues & prevention of unstable people buying firearms. That is the more realistic & prudent direction IMO.
Sen Leiberman(I-CT) had a valid criticism of Wayne LaPierre's NRA speech.
To be short sighted or narrow minded at this time when parents have lost their children to a brutal attack is wrong.

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