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conversely, they might also be in panic mode and figuring that they are about to close shop, so they are trying to get a year's worth of income in a few months.
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Getting a years worth of income in a couple weeks has been done by a few shops around here, but it has been done without jacking their prices up.

The guns on the floor sold out, and the guns in stock in the back room were brought out and promptly sold out. Some of these had been in stock for well over a year.

Clearly the owner of this shop has a bood business sense and had more than a years worth of inventory that sold, I have no doubt that whatever guns he buys to replace his stock will be at a higher cost due to demand, which will be reflected in the price tag. The prices in this shop were not the best around but were generally less than MSRP, so I'll call them an honest business and will continue to shop there.
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