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If you think this was a case of zero tolerance policies being taken too far, then you do not understand how zero tolerance policies work.
I know exactly how zero tolerance policies work. No matter what the circumstances if you break the rule you get the punishment. I don't know that specific school's rules, but if its anything like the schools I have been around the rule is basically banning all toy guns or items that look like guns. A hand is a body part, its not like the kid could have left it at home so I think it should be exempt from the rule.

Or, if you like zero tolerance policies, then you should oppose the lifting of the suspension.
Its not all or nothing. I think zero tolerance does its job but I also believe that a hand isn't a toy gun. I think that it was taken too far when they decided that a kid's hand went against the policy.

Frankly, when my son starts school, I hope and pray he has teachers that exercise common sense, and who do not rely on some stupid policy book in the place of common sense.
Teachers aren't allowed to "exercise common sense" as you put it. As soon as one kid gets a slightly different punishment than another for similar acts there would be parents crying foul. The rules aren't there to give harsh punishment to innocent kids, they're there to protect the teachers from these idiots that think they should sue because little Timmy got sent home from school for a day causing them to have to pay a babysitter. The only way things will ever go back to the way they used to be is if schools were given some sort of amnesty from being sued. All of the kids affected by these policies can blame the parents crying foul play, not the school system.
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