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Original condidtion 88's had a .318" bore and a 36K CUP limit.

Many, including mine, were "Turked" (Germany gave huge numbers of various guns to Turkey, and that nation modified many of them.) Mine has a .323 bore, the reciever ring has a small notch in it and the rear of the reciever (back where the "bridge" is on more modern designs) has notches milled in it so issue 8mm ammo w/ spitzer bullets in 5 round stripper clips could be used.... Turkey just did not care about the safety of it's troops very much, apparently..... when I got it, it had headspace issues, and Bubba had given it his attention .... the stock refinished, barrel shroud removed and the barrel chopped to 19" ..... I spent too much money to get it shootable, and now I basicly have an oddball caliber 30/30 bolt gun with a long (though butter smooth) trigger and glacial lock time ..... It IS kinda cool shooting a gun that was made when Benjamin Harrison was President!
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