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Originally Posted by tdawg
When I bought my pistol, I had to fill out paperwork with very specific info about myself and the pistol, and then had to wait 7 days before it was mine. I don't see why everybody shouldn't go through the same regardless of where they buy one (ccw permit holders notwithstanding). It's easy to just save that background check and firearm data instead of discarding it within 24 hours.
Last time I bought a pistol, I filled out a 4473 and the dealer called it in. About five minutes later I was whistling my way out the door with my new pistol. I don't know why you had to wait seven days, and I'd be asking my legislators about that waiting period. I'd be madder than hell.

Oh, and why should the waiting period be any different for a CCW holder?

I'd be mad as hell about that too. Too much government interference in our lives as it is.
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