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BigD's post....

I 100% disagree with big Din;
In the summer of 2007, I transported my late mother's vehicle from PA to Florida. I had a valid CC license & I took my Ruger GPNY .38spl with me.
I purchased ammunition in Saltsburg PA(125gr JHPs). When I reached Winchester VA, I was pulled over in a DWI check-point.
I wasn't asked about my firearm & had no problems with the LE officers.
My point is that when you travel, you need to be "street legal". You may have a LE contact even if you did nothing wrong or were being safe.
Cops(mostly state agencies) are big on finding drugs & guns in traffic stops. LE agencies on I-95 in the east know they can make drug arrests or asset forifetures(check spelling).
The best thing to do is to be ready or plan for a traffic stop or LE contact. Stay calm, be polite & don't make threats or be confrontational. Sworn LE officers are mostly concerned with their safety during traffic stops(at night it's even a higher priority).

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