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from john's link:

Got my first deer with my 17 HMR at about 125 yards i hit her in the head and she dropped on the spot. When we get about 5 feet away from it it jumps up and starts running in circles and i shoot her again and she trips and falls and then gets back up and starts chasing after my brother and then she falls again and i shoot her again and she gets back up again and i hit her in the lungs that time and she falls and tries to get back up but she couldn't get back up so we walked up to it and i shot her again to make sure she was dead. And that was the end of her. i hit her in the head 4 times in the lungs once and i know your going to laugh but i hit her in the butt on accident lol. Overall it was a great Hunt
What is so great about wounding a deer repeatedly with an inferior caliber?

I think a 17WSM would be a decent enough survival round, what with the potential 3000fps and about 400 foot pounds at the muzzle. The faster and stronger than 9mm!
The OP is talking about using a 7" barrelled HMR revolver .... I doubt he is going to get those numbers out it.

Even if he did use a .17WSM, penetration is the key, and a 17-20 grain bullet would likely go "poof" on contact at that speed (I know a 130 grain soft point will), leaving a nasty surface wound ..... and the guy trying to get some calorieswill end up expending a lot of them chasing a wounded animal.

Dumb idea .....both of them.
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