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Bullet choice is a personal thing. Some folks like light and fast and some like heavy and slow. Some like to see a hole with blood coming out on both sides of an animal and some like to see one big hole with lots of damage. None is completely right or wrong. The key is to find what works well for you in the specific scenario and what shoots well outta the gun in your hand. Sometimes this choice can be subjective(in one's head) and sometimes it's more objectively made. But being comfortable, confident and proficient with whatever decision one makes is paramount. Not all HPs are made the same. Those lighter in weight and made specifically for HD/SD generally expand more at slower velocities than the heavy bruisers made for hunting big game. But one manufacturers 240 gr JHP will not automatically have the same terminal performance as another. A difference of 200 fps in a .44 mag can mean large differences in expansion and whether or not the bullet holds together. While SPs are thought to hold together better and give more penetration this is not always so. Bullet construction is as important as bullet type. Because of the unlimited variables involved, there is no simple answer. I prefer SPs over HPs for shooting anything larger than varmints(two legged or four). I'm one that prefers two holes and penetration thru bone. But I made my choices mostly from my own and to a much smaller extent, the experience of others. While I use the knowledge gleaned from books, magazines and internet forums, I am not foolish to take any one opinion as gospel. I'm also not that foolish to put all my eggs in the basket of one author, regardless of how famous he is. Over the years, I have made poor choices along with the good. Again, it was my own experience, that was the proof in the pudding. There is a myriad of scenarios out there and a vast array of opinions. The reason there are so many choices in bullets is just to satisfy that diversity. I enjoy having those options and enjoy the opportunity to try something different. Many times tho, when I find something that works well, I tend to stick with it.
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