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They cut some corners on an existing design, cheaped out on the finish, and lowered quality standards.

If that's innovation, we should all be worshiping China.

Remington 710/770 - NEW design, at the time of its initial release.
Marlin X7 - NEW design.
Ruger American - NEW design.
Savage Edge/Axis - cut corners on an existing design, and gave it a different name (...and had to rename it AGAIN, because it didn't have the best reputation)

That isn't "innovation", from my point of view.
I was referring more to Savage's decision to offer their Trophy package gun in such a wide array of cartridges. And if you look closely at the "new designs" you list, you will find a whole lot of similarities to the Savage design, i.e. barrel nut, accu-trigger, synthetic stock, etc. And the reason they had to change the name was because Ford had already had a copy write on the name "Edge" for one of their vehicles, IIRC. Not sure I would have gone with "Axis" in its place, but I guess they had to do something.
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