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Originally Posted by mordis:
I know if I don't want them don't get them. I want to discuss what these hunting hollow points do and what there good for. Which I think I'm understanding.

Hollow points seem to be preferred for large non dangerous game. Starting to make sense. They aren't built as solidly as a bear.
About the best I can do is tell you what I've experienced. I hunt black bear quite a bit and usually use a .30-06 loaded with a Federal 180 gr Triple Shock JHP. Putting the TSX through the shoulder of a bear destroys everything in its path (heart, lungs, etc.) and it exits 'off-side' every time leaving a 1 1/2" exit wound that passed behind the other shoulder.

Got the same results with the Hornady .44 Magnum 300 gr XTP JHP- right through the shoulder, looked like somebody loosed a blender in the bear's chest, heart and lungs were a mess, and a 1 1/2" to 2" exit wound. My stainless 7.5" SBH sends 'em buzzing along at ~1225 fps, FWIW.

Bears are tough, yes, but a properly constructed heavy .44 Magnum JHP placed where it oughtta be will do the job.
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