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Sen. McConnell said that he wants to wait until he sees what Biden comes forward with but that the next three months will be concerned with fiscal matters.

That suggests that the immediately proposed bills will not be passed.

I'm betting on, that if we get new legislation - it will be mandatory NICS for private sales at gun shows. I don't see a comprehensive ban like Feinstein's.

I do suggest that if the NICS idea goes through - it should be ammeded to state that since NICS is so great - then any law abiding citizen in the USA should be able to purchase firearms (handguns included) for their home if NICS checked.

However, as currently, no Federal keeping of the check as a form of registration.

Such a provision would be anathema to Bloomers as it would short circuit the laws in NYC, Chicago, DC, etc. How can they say no if they think NICS is great?
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