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Other posts are 100 % correct about distractions, including wives and kids. Keep them out of your reloading area!!! Do one cal. at a time. Never have more than one brand/type powder on bench. TRUST ME!!!!!!

I have never experience good results when loading bottle neck cases with progressives. Most of the fellow reloaders at the range that I go to share the same feelings. Although most progressives have enormous ram pistons, the progressive's design is prone to deliver more than acceptable bullet run-out on large bottle neck cases, SB dies don't SB size, and the smaller powder dispensers built into the progressives like 223s, the powder sometimes log jams. I have enen experienced jams in 300 Win mags using IMR 4831, since the powder logs are huge. The result is a mess or inaccurate powder fill. Ball type powders may still jam on small bottle necks because the powder dispenser is trying to dump a lot of powder down through a very small hole via a cam principle. Sometimes you may fail to full inspect 223 case necks for burrs, etc. These will cause major messes. TRUST ME!!! For bottle necks cases use a single stage and quality powder dispenser and long neck powder funnel. If you use a tray to place charged cases and then examine for consistency, you'd be amaized at the realiably. It is a slower process, but until someone come up with a solution, I'd use progressives for pistol ammo only. AND LOOK INTO CASES before setting bullet. Good luck!!!!
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